Tree Care Service

Tree Care Service


Book your Tree Care Services with our Certified Arborists:

(Option 1) Tree & Forest Inspection: 

- Up to 1 hour on-site
- Professional Tree Risk Assessment
- Forest Health Inventory

*** Start your customized land care program with this site visit

(Option 2) Deep Root Fertilization:

- Up to 10 Trees per application
- Proprietary Seasonal Blends including beneficial microbes, organics, & macro-nutrients
Guaranteed Tree Survival with our complete soil food-web approach

*** We can easily scale up your tree fertilizations services with custom tree & tank rates


(Option 3) Tree Sprays and Inoculations:

- Organic Solutions for protecting your valued trees and shrubs
Integrated Pest Management strategies and programs
- More Flower and Bigger Fruit with our selected foliar feeding techniques

*** Book a Tree Inspection to find out more about how we can improve your land's and tree's health


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Please note that we are currently only servicing the Edmonton area.