Portfolio - West Pond Project

West Pond

With over 7 acres of catchment, this 2-acre water retention landscape is designed to provide habitat, ecosystems services, and water security for the surrounding farmstead.  

  • 1500 native trees and shrubs scheduled for planting in 2018
  • Over 750,000 litres of water holding capacity
  • Native emergent wetland, herbaceous, and grass species re-introduced
  • Hugelkultur erosion control mechanisms with net and pan water allocation
  • Bird, bat, and bee shelter construction and implementation

Homestead 1109

With the spring of 2018 marking a decade of this 10-acre development, this project functions as a fully-functioning permaculture demonstration site, complete with net-zero & tiny homes, agro-forestry, animal, & regenerative hydrology systems.

  • Over 7 kW of renewable electricity generation (grid-tie and off-grid)
  • Woodlots providing biomass for 100% of thermal needs (no natural gas on site)
  • Food forests and organic gardens providing upwards of 30% site nutrition
  • Pollinator gardens and wildlife refugios for maximum bio-diversity habitat
  • Chickens, pigs, micro-tigers, and 3-legged dingo grazing and patrol systems
1 THE 80.JPG

The 80

Over 80 acres of mature Aspen forest, managed holistically for sustainable ungulate and predator balance.  Selective logging, succession planting, and the application of regenerative disturbance patterning create an optimal living environment for the humans and animals present.

  • Intensive carbon sequestration and soil building processes ongoing
  • High value timber harvesting opportunities
  • Abundant, perpetual animal protein hunting capacity
  • Bio-diversity hot spot and mesoclimatic regulator
  • Pollution sink and groundwater recharge zone

Sturgeon View

A multi-generational homestead retrofitted to support modern sustainable living on a budget. A unique micro-climate affords incredible fruit growing opportunities while transportation and forest succession provide unique challenges for safety & disaster preparedness.

  • Complete 30-year-old eco-buffer and shelter-belt systems

  • Established organic orchards providing hundreds of pounds of fruit per year

  • Ongoing silviculture management and agro-forestry system extension

  • Energy efficiency shelter retrofits and conservation implementation

  • Implementation of access and infrastructure protocols favouring safety and privacy


Flower Farm

With road access for the public, this 1 acre of South facing land has been designed and is an ongoing development for perennial flower production.  With abundant local markets for niche edible and ambiance marketing, every element - from water and labour, to nutrients and soil - has been factored into the smooth functioning of an integrated agro-ecological system.

  • On-contour swales for erosion control, run-off catchment, and increase of use-able space
  • Over 100 metres of hugelkultur & multi-functioning ecobuffer
  • Square metre planting methodology for optimal plant growth
  • Perennial polycultures with intermixed alternating annuals for integrated pest management
  • Weed suppression through soil-building mechanisms and bio-mimicry